From Lady Zianna: Demo announcement

Oyez, Oyez!

Now view the words of Lady Zianna, regarding a new demo opportunity:

The BMDL is partnering with Broken Plow to transform the Carnegie Science Center into a medieval village of epic proportions! There will be sword fighting – rattan fighting – fencing – arts and sciences – demos – a tavern – all surrounding the exhibits of the science center for a 21-and-over evening. When is this happening, you ask? SOON – VERY SOON:

Friday March 2nd from 6-10pm!

Facebook Event link ~~~

This is a great way to share The Known World with the great gentles of the Pittsburgh area. We need you! We need your talents – your skills – your smiling faces! He need heralds – we need game playing tavern patrons – we need fighters – fencers – artists – cooks – we need everyone to make the dream come alive!

Bring your looms – bring your spinning wheels – make a book – bring those pens and inks. Show off those banners – display a scroll – talk about your heraldry – your persona – your garb. Armor and weapons – do you have them? Are you working on some? Show them off – test them out? I would love to see gentles able to fight a Knight! Fencers – come one come all! We have space for you! Archers? Lets make an arrow – ready those bows. Are we preparing those thrown weapons – display them – talk about them – we will soon be out in the park again! Tell that story from a balcony – sing that song strolling down the our village streets. Hear the music playing!

Would you like to be a part of this magical event? Have an idea to make it great? Have any questions? Contact me – we will do our best to make it happen! Message me on Facebook  or email me at

ziannaevents at gmail dot com

Look for event announcements and barony blog posts!

Our partners at Broken Plow say:

Discover the science of jousting, sword fighting, giants, and more as we travel back to the Middle Ages! Experience Historic European Martial Arts, and enjoy a Q&A with trained professionals. Observe weapon demonstrations or participate in a private lesson on the science of sword fighting by Pittsburgh Sword Fighters. Plus, all guests receive a discount code for a 4-week introductory class at Pittsburgh Sword Fighters titled, “Introduction to Broken Plow Western Martial Arts & Sword Fighting.”

-Posted by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres

On behalf of Lady Zianna
Demo Coordinator