A and S — Making a Viking Necklace – Feb 15

Greetings to the Debatable Lands!

Thursday is now once again for A&S in BMDL, and we are starting up with Viking Bead Stringing! If you are wearing an apron-dress, you need a Viking necklace. Bring your beads and I will help you string your bling!

We will be at Victory Pointe Gaming Lounge (and ice-cream parlor), upstairs in the game room, at 1113 Carson Street on the South Side, starting at 7 PM. Come early if you wish, people start arriving about 6:45.

Upstairs is not Accessible, so if you need assistance or have questions, please call or text me at 724-759-3333.

Be sure to park safely — feed the meter if needed. They ticket like crazy on the South Side. I think the best place is across the street in the bank parking lot.

See you there!
Elss Augsburg