Bardic Champ at July Social

Greetings, Noble Populace!

Their Excellencies Violeta and Prima will be selecting their Baronial Bardic Champion in two weeks’ time at the July Baronial social and garb swap! The social is occurring on July 7 at the Richland pavilion in North Park at the corner of Ingomar Rd and Babcock Blvd.

What does the Baronial Bardic Champion do?
As Bardic Champ, you have two responsibilities: Represent the Barony in bardic at the Seven Pearls tournament, this year held locally on August 24th, and arrange for your own successor. You also have the privilege to stand with the other baronial champions during court.

How is the Bardic Champion chosen?
There is a competition held, the winner of which is decided by baronial whim. This year, Their Excellencies would like to see performers who can hold a crowd’s attention in whatever is their preferred style of performance. Bring a piece to present to the baronage, the other competitors, and the assembled populace, and grab our attention, command the stage, don’t let us look away! Please limit your selection to no more than 5 minutes. Traditionally, this is a 12 month term with the competition being held during Baronial Twelfth Night, and as Their Excellencies would like to return to that schedule, this upcoming term will be for 6 months. Competition will start around 2pm, garb optional, check in with Silence at the social to sign up.

Come out and strut your stuff!