12th Night Pre-Reg Link and Activities List

From our event steward, Lady Forveleth Dunde:

Salve Accolens! 12th Night is approaching!

Our Baronial 12th Night celebration will be on January 14th at North Park Lodge. Since we have limited space, please pre-register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrohwjL41VhIi5IX2TN_suDnNXNDyWHNLeqVxLYWTyG3Ddmw/viewform before then. We have an awesome collection of events for you!

– Baronial A&S championship
– Baronial bardic championship
– Kingdom largesse competition
– The Auction of Forgotten and Highly Desirable Items (to benefit the barony)
– Drinks provided by our brilliant Brewer’s Guild
– A performance by I Genesii
– A performance by the Debatable Choir
– Baronial and Kingdom courts

Hope to see you there!