Woodworking February 16th

The woodworking guild will have a shop day on Sunday, February 16th from 10am to 2pm at Ishiyama’s house. Our spring project this year is improving everybody’s Pennsic through the glory of seating. We will be researching and recreating period seating furniture that is appropriate for our personas.

Woodworking Shop Day, this Sunday (12/08)

Get some work done on those nearly-last-minute projects for the holidays, make some holiday decorations for your home, or help make some items for largess at this month’s Woodworking guild Workshop day at Ishiyama’s shop (1105 Shady Avenue, Pgh. 32) from 10am to ~2pm. This is the last workshop day for the year, and the weather is supposed to be warm-ish so take advantage.

The next planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 19th at 7pm in the Boulevard of the Allies Panera location. these meetings haven’t been as popular as the workshop days, so they may be discontinued next year.

Upcoming Woodworking Guild Activities

Tomorrow, October 24th, at 7pm we will be having a planning meeting at the Oakland Panera to show off some recent book acquisitions, browse some photos of Japanese buildings, and discuss what we’ll be working on…

on Sunday, October 27th, from 10am to 2pm at Ishiyama’s house. The current plan is to work on building our hand-cut joinery skills.

WWG Shop Day – Build a Box

For the Woodworking Guild’s September Shop Day, we decided to do a make-and-take workshop. We’ll be making small handy boxes from boards.

A “six board” box of the type we will be making.

These boxes have rabbetted corners, and rabbetted lids. Learning what that means is part of the project! All cutting can be done on a table saw, and all the pieces can be cut from a 6-foot board. This project builds table saw skills and woodworking confidence. At the end of the day, you can take yours home with you to finish, decorate, or use as-is.

The shop day will be Sunday, September 15th from 10am to 2pm at Ishiyama’s shop (1105 Shady Avenue).

Please bring a 1x8x72″ (one by eight by six foot) pine “common board” with you. You don’t need to get “premium” or “select” board unless you want to spend more. You can get an 8-foot (96 inch) board if you want to try to avoid knots. If you can’t get to the hardware store to buy your own board, let me (woodworking at debatablelands dot org) know ahead of time and I can pick one up for you.

Woodworking at Practice Tomorrow

The archers of the Debatable Lands are in need of some new target stands! The Woodworking Guild has been asked to help out by building a few more new stands, and what better place to do that than at Archery Practice? last week, we succeeded in making 1 new stand! Now that we know what we are doing, we hope to make at least 2 more tomorrow.

We’ll be meeting up at the Washington Boulevard Practice site tomorrow (Sunday, 2019.08.25) at around 11am to take care of that. Bring some hands tools or cordless tools if you have them. We probably need saws, drills, drill bits, wrenches, sanders, clamps, tape measures, pencils, sockets, and the like.

See you tomorrow!

Wood Shop Day 04.28 report

It was a bit chillier than expected, and a lot less sunny than hoped for, so we were not able to spread out into the driveway. In spite of the weather, we did manage to get a lot of work done under cover in the garage, much more than one person could have done safely alone, so thanks to everybody who was able to make it. We did a bunch of cutting and shaping to make pieces. Next steps involve cutting joinery onto the pieces, which means a lot of marking of the locations for that joinery first.

The Woodworking Guild’s next planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 23rd from 7pm to 9pm at the Panera in Oakland.

The next Woodworking Guild shop day is scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd, but the time and location has yet to be determined.

Scribal Workshop, July 10th

The Scribes’ Guild announces:

SAVE the date!

There will be a workshop offered at CMU in the Debatable Lands on Sunday, July 10th from 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This workshop will focus on the techniques used in The Book of Hours of Louis of Orleans or what I refer to as the “French Quilt” style- bands in the marginalia filled with acanthus and flowers. Have you wanted to learn how to flat gild, master acanthus and the French flowers and strawberries? This workshop is for you!

I assume everyone’s summer is as busy as mine so I am posting a tidbit so that you may save the date should you wish to participate in this workshop.

For more information email me at MistressAntoinettedelaCroixAT gmail.com (please replace the word AT with @ and leave no blank spaces.

PS: Gladzor Book of Hours is coming your way at Pennsic!