WWG Shop Day – Build a Box

For the Woodworking Guild’s September Shop Day, we decided to do a make-and-take workshop. We’ll be making small handy boxes from boards.

A “six board” box of the type we will be making.

These boxes have rabbetted corners, and rabbetted lids. Learning what that means is part of the project! All cutting can be done on a table saw, and all the pieces can be cut from a 6-foot board. This project builds table saw skills and woodworking confidence. At the end of the day, you can take yours home with you to finish, decorate, or use as-is.

The shop day will be Sunday, September 15th from 10am to 2pm at Ishiyama’s shop (1105 Shady Avenue).

Please bring a 1x8x72″ (one by eight by six foot) pine “common board” with you. You don’t need to get “premium” or “select” board unless you want to spend more. You can get an 8-foot (96 inch) board if you want to try to avoid knots. If you can’t get to the hardware store to buy your own board, let me (woodworking at debatablelands dot org) know ahead of time and I can pick one up for you.