PIE CONTEST! At the Harvest Revel Barony Meeting 11/3

Pie Pie Pie! Oh boy, what flavor?

Our Barony Annual PIE Contest is on for the Harvest Revel on Sunday 11/3! Who can enter? EVERYONE! And if you’ve never encountered the Debatable Lands Harvest Revel Meeting PIE contest before – just about anything counts as pie, if you can name it pie…. Pumpkin roll? Spatially challenged pie. Cookies? Crustless mini-pies. Pork roast? Deconstructed meat pie. A bowl of apples? Procrastinated Pie. BRING IT ALL! Sweet, savory, and everything in between!

The categories this this for the pie contest are (drumroll…): Signature Pie, Showstopper Pie, and Period Pie 

How does it work? You make a pie, you decide the category (don’t worry, it’s super informal and just-for-fun), we all feast like Confectionary Royalty! Make sure to bring enough or cut it small, since the judges are YOU! Yup, it’s populace vote (tokens in a cup)! Each meeting attendee gets 3 tokens – one vote per category. Gluten free pies always go over well if you are so inclined. The prize is GLORY and your recipe in the ALTHING (and maybe some trinket)!!

Please be mindful of common allergens, and make a note on the provided card if you use them. Folks in the barony are allergic/sensitive to gluten/wheat, nuts of various types, onions and garlic, among other things. Thanks!

Contest will run from noon to around 3pm.

[Here’s the Facebook event for the meeting, if you have Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/566290307444855/

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