Change in Scriptorium

Kameshina-shichi-i writes:

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, THL Rachel has had to postpone teaching “Attavante Made Easy,” which had been scheduled for this Wednesday’s Scriptorium. We are making plans for alternate dates for her to come and teach this class.

Instead, I invite you all to attend “Gothic Blackletter in 30 Minutes,” which I will be teaching. Both beginner and experienced calligraphers are invited to attend this overview on how to analyze and learn new calligraphic hands, using the Gothic Blackletter hand as an exemplar. We will explore how to visually break down letters into their component strokes, practice those to build your “calligraphy toolbox,” then put them back together to create your own work. Materials (handout, graph paper and felt calligraphy pen) will be provided.

Once again, that is this Wednesday, April 16th, starting at 7pm at our house in Glenshaw. Our address can be found in the Dark Pages, or contact me via private email at cadell (at) gmail (dot) com. We look forward to seeing you at

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