New Target Stands

Last Sunday (08.25) and the Sunday before that (08.18), the woodworking guild responded to a call for assistance from the archers of the Barony. Master Alaric provided the lumber, hardware, and instructions, and the woodworking guild provided the labor to build three new target stands for the Barony.

These are of the same design that the Debatable Lands has been using for many years, but without the dings and arrowheads some of the older ones contain. Captain of Archers Kathryn Tantzel says that with these extra stands, archery practice can now set up both the adult range and the youth range at the same time!

Many thanks to Master Alaric for providing the materials and plans. Thanks to Elss, Pavel, Tofi, and Dave for participating in the construction.

Investiture Clean Up: Volunteers Needed!

Kameshima-shichi-i Zentarō Umakai writes:

Next weekend, as you all know, we will be celebrating the well-earned retirement of our Baron Uilliam and Baroness Constance and the investiture of Brandubh and Hilderun! Once again, our host will be the United Universalist Church of the North Hills, a site that we use frequently and with which we have cultivated an excellent working relationship. Key to this relationship is the fact that we always leave the site in  exquisitely clean condition.

I have been given the honor of ensuring that this precedent remains intact after the upcoming event. But to do that, I will need your help!

If you are willing to stay after the event and help return the site to at least as good condition as we found it, please contact me at this email address and let me know. If we get a good crew together, it should only take about an hour, and you will be helping to make sure that we can continue to use this site in the future. Thank you in advance for volunteering to help your Barony.