New Equestrian Champ!

Vivat to THL Gesa von Wellenstein, your newest Baronial Equestrian Champion!

The day dawned bright, clear and cold, as our populace gathered at the estate of THL Gesa and Lord Nohaaj, our esteemed hosts for the activity. Everyone brought tasty comestibles to the delight of all, Baronial and Kingdom livery decked the area, and the comfortable shade and chairs provided for the presence area were greatly appreciated. The riders (Gesa and Beatrix in competition, and Jackie and Jaardin for showmanship) provided an impressive display of skill, and the steeds (Maple, Daisy and Moose) were brave and majestic. The grounds crew were quick on their feet and indispensable. And the gathered crowd (with pop-up bardic!) was mirthful and appreciative.

Though it was a cold day, our hearts were warmed by the display of courtesy, affection, and levity of all who attended. VIVANT!

For those with Facebook, the Championship games were videoed and are available to view here:

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda