New Practice

Konichiwa Debatable Lands!!! Now that our triumph at war is complete, it is time to focus within. In an effort to expand our numbers, I am starting a mid week practice. Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday August 21, a weekly Wednesday practice will be held at my house. The address is 16 Quail Run, Allison Park PA 15101. The hope is to not only practice, but also do teaching and demos, and introduce some alternate weapon type and tourney setups to broaden our skills and make us all more complete throwers. Start time will be 630, give or take a few minutes. All are welcome.

YIS, Kumagaya-roku-e Kentarou Masamoto BMDL TW MIC

What was “the banner stand project”?

Now it can be told! Last year after Pennsic, Baroness Hilda asked Ishiyama if he would make silk banners for the Barony to gift to the other Baronies of Æthelmearc as favors for the “7 Pearls Dinner” at this year’s Pennsic War. These banners would also need stands and support poles. The stands and poles were a perfect way to enlist the help of the Woodworking Guild.

The Seven Pearls banners and their banner stands

The stands are made from 2×4 lumber, which keeps the costs down, but creates a little bit more work. Each is made from four identical legs and four identical cross-pieces, so mass-production of pieces sped the whole project along. Once you remove the support pole, the off-center hinge pin lets the stand fold flat for travel.

There are enough extra pieces left over that if you need one of these stands for your very own, just let the guild know and we can help you put one together.

Larder Moving Day

August 24th is the big day to move the larder to its new home; maybe you have seen the announcement posted by Alaric inviting one and all to help.

If you like food – eating it, making it, watching cooking shows, whatever – you might want to come out for this day. We are blessed here in the Barony with an abundance of excellent cooks, and we have many events here and nearby with great sideboards and feasts. You might wonder how in the world we manage to pull off consistently yummy food. If you look behind the curtain, you’ll see that one of our secrets is our Larder! This is our collection of cooking gear: pots, pans, cauldrons, pancake flippers, measuring cups, pirogi makers, and many, many other doodads and gizmos.

Knowing what kitchen stuff belongs to the Barony helps in several ways. First, if you are cleaning up after feast, you’ll know what to pack in which tote boxes. Next, if you want to cook a thing, you’ll know if there is the correct equipment for your needs. Then, should you be checking stuff out of the larder or back in, you’ll know the process and methods in order to get the right stuff.

The larder is a valuable asset to us all here in the Barony so come and be introduced! August 24th is the day of the Great Larder Migration! Please come out and join us to transport the larder from Michelina’s to Alaric & Elsbeth’s. We’ll be meeting at Michelina’s (107 Mattier Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15238) at 11 am . Remember, pizza for helpers!

Please contact Alaric ( if you’re able to help.

Thanks, Elss Augsburg

A Generous Gift

Yesterday at martial practice, Master John the Artificer gave to me four huge bags of fabric and clothing to pass on to our Gold Key. First, many thanks to him for bringing the things, which were part of Achren’s collection, and for donating them to the Barony.

Some of the fabric has gone to the Sewing Guild for scroll cases and other uses. Many thanks to Hara for helping sort the goods, it was a big job!

The rest of the fabric and trim will appear in the Auction for Desirable but Lost Stuff at Twelfth Night, so everyone will be able to bid on their favorites.

And there were some interesting items of garb in the bags, and my question is does Gold Key need any additional pieces? There are some larger size items and some children’s things, so maybe they will be of use. Nichola Beese to the white courtesy phone, please! Maybe we can get together and see if anything is of use for our newer members.

I can be reached at 724.759.3333 by text if anyone has questions, whether it be about the Auction, Gold Key, donations, or whatever.

Heritage Fest Demo

Hello Debatable Lands!

The Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville is turning 175 years old this year and they’ve invited us to come celebrate with them! Join us on Sept. 7th from 11am – 3pm for Heritage Fest!

Historical re-enactors from every time period have been invited and we’re going to use this as an opportunity to show the city what we can do! If you’re available to fight, fence, do a fiber display, play an instrument, do some calligraphy & illumination, or anything else then respond here – or contact me by email at and let me know.

Other groups that will be at the event include:

– The Appalachian Longhunters: Frontier Trading Outpost
– Civil War Pittsburgh: Artifacts and Walking Tours
– WWII Bomber Pilot & Field Camp: Artifacts and Demonstrations (plus U.S.O. show)
– Scottish Highlander & Pipers

They’ll also have food trucks, face painting, live music, AND a petting zoo!

It’s definitely going to be a lot of fun and it’ll be a great chance for us to show off. I hope to see you there!

Yours in Service,
Lord Rónán Ó Conaill

Heritage Fest event page:

Marshal Needed for Fencing Practice Today 8/18

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to attend practice.

If another marshal is able to run practice in my stead please let me know as soon as possible.

If you don’t see another message from me with the name of the marshal running practice this week, practice is cancelled.

I hope to see you next week.