Court Report for Iron Comet Challenge
April 13, AS XLVII (2013)

Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Uilliam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, held at The Iron Comet Challenge April 13 AS 47, Lord Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Comet Pursuivant, reporting herald.

His Excellency wished to have all competitors in the Iron Comet who participated in all forms this day to stand up and be recognized. For His Excellency himself was a member of this small group.

Their Excellencies called Melodia Beaupal to attend Them. She has assisted with set up and tear down at events and has further helped in the Pennsic encampment. She has further started training in the art of thrown weapons to become a marshal. For these many good activities Their Excellencies granted her a Gold Comet. Scroll by Lady Muirghein Gealbhain.

THL Katla úlfheþinn had caught Their Excellencies' attention, for though Katla lives in the Shire of Sunderoak she is frequently found assisting with functions in the barony, from teaching classes on many arts to assisting in kitchens including the Seven Pearls dinner at Pennsic, and generally helping out at events. For these and many other things it pleased Their Excellencies to grant her a Green Comet. Scroll from the hand of Fa Ren Zhang Ming Li.

Their Excellencies desired the presence of Lady Abatissa of Banbury. Abatissa has spent much time in the research of Sekanjiban, starting with period sources and recipes and further expanding into different flavors and styles much of which she has donated towards events in the barony. She has also created many award medallions, including the one that she was given this day. This is why Abatissa was awarded a Blue/Silver Comet. Scroll by Lady Rachel Dalicieux.

Their Excellencies summoned Lady Elizabeth Arrowsmyth to Their Presence. Elizabeth has spent much time exploring the gentler arts, most specifically blackwork embroidery and the scribal arts, specifically illumination of scrolls. Elizabeth also autocrated her first event this day which is This is why Their Excellencies felt moved to award her a Blue/ Silver Comet. Scroll illuminated by Master Alaric MacConnell with calligraphy by THL Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies desired the presence of THL Jussie Laplein for he had some 'splaining to do. Not only does Jussie exhibit great skill in heavy fighting, but he also takes the time to work with newer fighters. This greatly pleases Their Excellencies and so they awarded Jussie a Red Comet. Illumination by Lady Isabel Fleurtan calligraphed by THL Kameshima Zentarou Umakai.

Their Excellencies wished to have words with Duke Christopher Rawlyns. Much is known of Christopher's prowess on the heavy combat field, however recently his Grace has shown some renown with blades in a different martial form. Thus for his skill on the fencing lists Duke Christopher was awarded a Red Comet. Scroll illuminated by Lady Anna Leigh with words by Don William Paris and calligraphy by the hand of Mistress Allessandra d'Avignon.

Finally the results of the Iron Comet Challenge are to be revealed.

First Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope desired to give out some prizes to those who stood out on the field of Youth Combat. 6 youth combatants took the field on this day. Out of which one stood high above them all in the depth of his chivalry, Kenneth of the Debatable Lands exhibited chivalry of the highest calibre, going to the extent to take his own life in a match rather than strike an opponent he had disarmed. The winner of the day was Torstein Thorgrimson.

Master Alaric MacConnell wished to take a moment to recognize the winner of the youth portion of the archery competition, out of a field of 5 shooters Eiden Abdul Salaam proved to be victorious, for which he was granted not one, not two, but three cherries!

On the thrown weapons range four contenders vied for the victory. Lord Robert MacEwen of Thornhill proved to have the most skill this day.

Finally the fantastic Arts and Sciences display of the day proved to have 3 entries from youth. The winning entry in which was handspun yarn created by the hand of Lord Robert MacEwen of Thornhill.

Thus the decision has been made, the skills of all the youth had been assessed and the Youth Iron Comet Champion is to be declared. From a group of 4 eligible youth, Lord Robert MacEwen of Thornhill has been proven to be the best most deserving youth for this title. To be memorialized in a scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Not to be outdone by the youth, the adults did also put forth a great show of prowess this day.

First Master Alaric MacConnell wished to take a moment to announce how the adults fared in the day's shooting. There were 16 shooters this day, and the best shooter of the day proved to be Baron Bataar Sogdo, who received in commemoration of his achievement, not one, not two, but three cherries!

On the fencing list 19 gentles battled to be considered the best fencer of the day. The most skilled with a blade this day proved to be Don Bastiano di Jacopo.

The thrown weapons range held a most fearsome struggle for the coveted title of best thrower, however Maestro Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato proved to be the most skillful of the 15 people vying for that most desirable position of best with a knife.

The heavy combat field boasted a mighty 30 fighters in arms trying prove the iron in their blood. The day was held by Count Sir Andrew MacFarlan of Wiggan however, who proved to be the most skilled this day.

The competition was no less fierce in the gentle arts where 14 artisans put forth their best efforts to become the iron comet Arts and Sciences Champion. Out of all these Fiona d'Artusio proved to be the most skilled in her art.

From all these many competitors only one could be called the Iron Comet Champion this day, and one indeed did rise above the other 13 participants in the Iron Comet Challenge to prove his mettle. Don Annias Fenne did prove that his mastery over many disciplines is indeed the greatest of all those present this day, thus he has been declared the Iron Comet Champion with a gift basket donated by the Black Priory. His mighty deeds are recorded upon a scroll with calligraphy by the hand of THL Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies wished to thank everybody who attended this day, the event was great fun for all, and Their Excellencies wish to see everybody again next time. His Excellency put forth a challenge to all who competed this day to pick up whatever forms they did not have this time around, His Excellency was able to learn archery and thrown weapons as well as getting authorized in fencing over the last year all while dealing with myriad mundane responsibilities.

Court Closed.

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