A&S Display at the Debatable Lands 50th Birthday Celebration

Did I hear someone say barony birthday festivities? Well that calls for more A&S! Next month, at the Debatable Lands 50th Birthday Celebration, we will have an A&S display themed “Something Old, Something New”! Bring two projects (one old and one new) that show the growth or evolution of your art over your time in the SCA. These projects can be a similar art or different mediums – the choice is yours!

When you submit your art at the event, there will be an option to receive rubric-based feedback in an noncompetitive setting. If your work is in-progress, this is a great chance to see how your art would do in a competition before actually submitting it or to receive guidance on next steps if you’re not sure how to improve. This is entirely optional and your work will be displayed regardless of your choice.

If you’re looking for guidance on an A&S project or just want to work amongst other artisans, the next A&S night will be held Wednesday, April 24th from 6pm-10pm! Please note the change in the day of the week!

YIS, Lady Elinor Walden