A and S — Upcoming Schedule

Greetings all!

Pennsic is looming, do you think you’ll have questions or need information? Just might need a contact, just in case? Contact me via text (as I will have no internetz when I am on site), and I am happy to help!

I urge all of you to take as many classes as you can. This a great way to learn, and it’s free!

Anyway, here’s what’s up with Barony A&S in the near future:

Jul 22 – No A&S : Personal Pre-Pennsic Panic Day!
Jul 29 – No A&S : Attend classes! Visit bardic circles! Do fun!
Aug 5 – No A&S : Save handouts! Take notes! Make stuff!
Aug 12 – No A&S : Post-Pennsic fall down go boom.

Aug 19 – Pennsic Tale Telling! Bring your handouts, stories, and notes, and share the fun of Pennsic with all of us; everyone is welcome even if you didn’t go to the war. Living vicariously is perfectly period!

I will post a reminder after Pennsic, this list is for your planning pleasure!

It's the Art-Signal! Quick, to the Science-Mobile!
Arts & Sciences Meeting

See you at the War!
THL Elss of Augsburg