Crossover Fencing Musters


Starting Sunday December 2, and the first Sunday of each month after that, the BMDL fencing practice will be a crossover muster between the SCA and the Broken Plow rapier group.

The address is:

Broken Plow Western Martial Arts
201 Crawford Run Rd
Creighton, PA 15030

We will start at 1:30 PM and will go until everyone is tired.

We will primarily be fighting using SCA fencing or Cut n Thrust rules. However the members of Broken Plow will be practicing with us if there is any interest in learning more about how their fighting system works.

I will have the BMDL loaner rapier and cut n thrust equipment available if anyone needs to borrow anything.

Comtesse Elena d’Artois is our site contact and liaison between the groups, so thank you to her for this opportunity.