BMDL Twelfth Night Thankyou

Our Barony Twelfth Night was a wonderful and fun event. I am so glad everyone enjoyed themselves and I, as autocrat and friend, have so many to thank.

To our Baron and Baroness, Brandubh and Hilderun, for their support and assistance during the event.

To The BMDL Choir for always making the event for me an so many with their gorgeous voices and wonderful songs.

To i Genisii, the greatest comedia del arte troupe of the known world, for running a playdate and putting together the court of misrule. It wouldn’t be Twelfth Night without our fools of the court.

To the Brewers Guild, thank you so very much for maning our tap room, and treating us all to such fine spirits. Huis Witschoof, deserves a special thank you for donating the purchase of the liqueur license allowing us to have such a fabulous tap room of such great spirits. Thank you!!!

To Elss of Augsburgh, for acting as co-autocrat and for helping to run the Silent Auction of Desirables.

To Arthes and Alister MacLeod, and their helpers Donna and Eric. Arthes and Alister helped immensely with the Auction of desirable things, and acted as royalty liaisons. And Arthes did some excellent documentation and coverage of the event, as well as assisting with troll. And for their help closing up and putting away the event site.

Ronnan O Connal, did an excellent job running troll. And a special thanks to his helpers as well.

Ranka and Jazmine put on a wonderful kids quest to keep our youth on mission to rescue the Baroness’ dragons! And the winners each recieved their own dragon with the dragon’s own profile write up. They were so super cool and cute!!! Wonderful job ladies, thank you so much for all you do.

Aibell Ingen Chernachain, thank you for running another great activities corner for our youth. The time and effort you put in at that table mean so much for the children and their parents.

Fredeburg Katzenellenbogen did a wonderful job conducting the A&S display for the event.

As is tradition, Urho Walterrinen put on his cookies competition. And as always all those who submitted did an amazing job. It was so yummy. Thank you Urho, for managing the station and orchestrating the tastiest activity of the event. Special mention to Luceta Dicosimo, as her spicy jelly top cookies were this autocrats absolute favorite.

To Arianna of Wynthrope for orchestrating the decorations for the event helping to take them down at the end of the night. And for running a wonderful Bardic Championship for the barony.

Gessa, thank you so much for bringing your horses by for photos. Everyone had so much fun. And the pictures are going to be great. Thank you to everyone.

Kuma, Thank you for orchestrating the vendors for the event.

Job, it’s one of the scariest jobs at Twelfth Night to run the Gift Exchange. Thank you so very much for braving the task.

Kamishima, special thanks to our webminister for updating our event page.Thank you for all the many last minute updates and posts.

To Muirgheal, Jurundr, and Melodia Beaupel, for staying with me till the last cleaning and trash wrap up at the end of the night. Especially to Melodia, who’s continued to run our potluck kitchen in the best way keeping all our allergen plagued gentles safe and secure. She also helped the autocrat get home and collect the event way finding signs. Thank you so much for all you do.

And lastly thank you for everyone who attended the event. It wouldn’t be an event without you. Please enjoy your year and we hope to see you again in 2010. Happy 12th Night everyone!