Thrown Weapons Cancelled

Konichiwa Debatable Lands! I am cancelling Thrown weapons for tomorrow due to a few reasons. 1: The weather doesn’t appear that it will cooperate, as it is expected to rain all night and into the whole day tomorrow. 2: My truck blew a brake line and is out of commission for the moment. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that it is in Fombell…… with the targets and stands in the bed. All these factors seem to conspire against being able to have practice. However, I would like this opportunity to guage interest in maybe having a weekday practice in the evening, up at my place. I was thinking Wednesday or Thursdays. say around 630 or so. This would be a formal practice, with royal rounds to be thrown and much practice to be had. I was even thinking of maybe doing some clinics in this format. I will be posting a survey poll in facebook, but you can also let me know of your interest via email at, or on facebook instant messager. Look for it soon. See you all next week.

YIS Kumagaya-roku-e Kentarou Masamoto