COOKIE BAKING with the Food Guild!

DATE: Sunday, December 8, 2019—–
TIME: Noon-ish or 1-ish to start, 5 pm-ish or 6 pm-ish to end—–
Place: Brandie Lee’s House in Wexford 

NOTE:  due to a severe allergy, there can be NO nuts or nut products prepped or baked at the house – no peanuts, almonds or almond flour, walnuts, or anything. —–

Coconut flour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), and soy products are safe. It’s fine if people bring already baked cookies containing nuts as long as they are kept separate. —–

The Food Guild will be bringing 10 pounds of flour, 8 pounds of sugar and 2 pounds of butter for everybody to use. Also there will be parchment paper, tin foil, and ziplock bags for taking stuff home.—–

I will be bringing my extensive collection of cookie cutters, my cookie extruder, food colors, cookie sheets, my stand mixer which can handle some pretty heavy gingerbread dough, and any other odds and ends I can find.—–

Kids are welcome and so are other random family and friends; there are three kitties living there, so medicate as appropriate. —–

To get the address, check the Dark Pages at or email me at, or if you are on Facebook, send a PM to Brandie Lee or Elss Augsburg.—–You can also text me at 724.759.3333. —– To see the Food Guild on FB, go to —–

See you there!—–

Elss Augsburg

The dashes and other weird line breaks and stuff are an attempt to make the message more readable when it hits the email list.