Online Sewing Circle – Thursday April 2

Let’s see if we can make sewing circle work online. Sewing is scheduled for Thursday April 2nd. Even if we don’t meet in person, we can meet online. In fact, this may work better for many folks that cannot normally make it in person. I am continuing the Japanese garment topic that I started last month. I am creating online instructions for the making men’s hakama, or pants, and kataginu, or vest. I have also requested a kingdom online room. When I have published the instructions and receive details about how to connect to the online room, I will publish those links to the blog. During the online sewing circle, I will go over the instructions if folks want or just answer questions if that is needed. My plan is to cover kosode constructions short or long next time if I don’t get instructions ready for that this time. If you have questions, you can email sewing at debatablelands dot org, or you can find my email address in the dark pages if you look up Hara Kikumatsu.