Good Gentles All, Greetings from Muirgheal ingheah Dubhghaill.

I have the express delight to tell you that we have been given permission to hold socially distant Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Equestrian Practices. These will require that everyone holds to the CDC advised masks, hand washing, 6 foot distance, and not attending if they have felt ill or taken care of anyone feeling ill. A list of requirements and scheduling will come from the marshals shortly so that we are all aware of what is expected.

In that regard, we have been gifted the use of a private site that will help us better control who comes and goes from our practices. However, Lady Jasmine had one of her oxen die and the field we would use remains unprepared for use. [Transition, her riding mower requires repair and the large field needs a good cutting. It’s about mid-calf high].

If any gentle might have the ability to tend to the field for Lady Jasmine, that enabling the Barony to have Archer and Throwing practices; please contact either her or reach out to me. Her information is in the dark pages.

If we have a gentle that might be able to assist her with repairs to her clockwork, please reach out to her directly. I understand there was something about a belt that requires maintenance.
Thank you in advance.
Muirgheal , Seneschal Debatable.