Thrown Weapons News

To their Excellencies, Honorable Officers, Fellow Marshals, and Gentle Populace of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands,

Greetings to all from Lord Kuma!  It has been one of my highest honors to serve you as the Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge for the past 5 years. I am very proud of the progress the program and all of its participants have made in the that time. I am most proud at the increase in interest in this wonderful martial pursuit, and the fact that in my 5 years as MIC, the Debatable Lands has earned the honor of claiming the Kingdom Champion as a resident in 3 of those 5 years. That fact alone is enough to make any Marshal proud, but there is so much more that I will take with me going forward that I am so proud and grateful for. The Friends I’ve made, the people I’ve taught and who have taught me, the triumphs and the heartbreaks from all the tournaments we participated in. All these things and so much more have made these years so great for me. But, alas, time marches on, and the time has come to pass on this honorable mantel to another who can safeguard its progress and keep this program moving forward. It is with pride in my heart, and a great confidence, that I pass the Debatable Lands Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge position to Lord Meinulfr Grimsson (Tom Silay).  He has shown a particular aptitude for the art, and is eager to share and teach these skills. I have every belief he will do an excellent job as your Marshal in Charge for many years to come. To Lord Meinolfr, I pass along all the Baronial Thrown Weapons loaner gear, range gear, and all other regalia and property due the position. I will still be around to help when needed, but I will be stepping back a bit to allow him to flourish in his new role, and to also pursue other martial interests in the SCA. I would ask please that all those who have given me their cooperation over the years would give Lord Meinolfr the same courtesy moving forward. Thank you all so much for all that you have done for me in my role. I appreciate it more than I could ever express.

Yours in Service, 

THL Kumagaya Kentarou Masamoto, Former BMDL TW MIC