Court Report Baronial Scoial 17 September A.S. 57 (2022)

Their Excellencies Brandubh and Hildrtun held court at their Baronial
Social Meeting, Saturday September 17, A.S. 57 (2022). Master Emrys Eustace height Broom reporting Herald.

After greeting the populace, They invited everyone to enjoy the trays
of cupcakes available. Largess provided by the generosity of Mistress
Ts’vee’a bas Tseepora Levi in honor of Her Excellency Hilderun’s Birthday.

With sweet tooths sated, the populace wished her Excellency a happy birthday.

Newcomers to the SCA were gifted with tokens from their Excellencies,
and welcomed warmly. Likewise, those who taught or ran activities that
day were also gifted, and praised for their good works. Finally, Kit
was given a Pirate Booty Chest (arrr!), thanking her for traveling so
far from the Middle Kingdom, providing hot mulled cider, teaching a class on lashing and representing well talk like a pirate day.

Morikawa Rei, of King’s Crossing, was given the Cometus Amicus, or
friendship comet, for her enthusiastic participation in online A&S
outlets, including sewing, scribal, and woodworkers’ guilds. The award
was limned and scriven by Mistress Shiran al Sussiya, with words from
Master Alaric MacConnel.

Lord Thorinn of the Debatable Lands was given a Gold Comet for his
support of family, the AE bar, camp, and archery, scroll forthcoming by the hand of Lord
Reinhard Regenbogen.

Lady Gredechin Morin de Nordenberg was also given a Gold Comet in absentia for her
works as archer, retainer, and A&S deputy, scroll made by Lady Forveleth

Lady Elizabeth of the Debatable Lands received her Gold Comet. For a
decade she has been a member of the baronial camp, providing quiet
respite, helping barony, kingdom, and others with set-up and
tear-down, and lightening the mood with song. Scroll scriven by THLady Rachel
Daliciuex, and limned by THLady Aiball Shul-vine, with words by Master
Alaric MacConnel.

Lady Ceindrich ferch Elidir was called forward. It was noted by their
Excellencies that, wherever there is a need, she sees it and leaps to
solve it. Their Excellencies presented her with a token of thanks and gave her leave to thank her staff.

Drawing the court to a close, their Excellencies reflected on their
seven joyful years as Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, but
expressed a desire to see others rise to fill that purpose. They
invoked the Baronial election policy, announcing they intend to step
down in one year’s time, giving time for interested candidates to
announce their intentions.

Thus ended the court, on a beautiful late summer day.