Largesse Needed for Hael Investiture Dec 17th

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

In just under two weeks, we will be traveling to the Barony of Rhydderech Hael (Buffalo, NY), to witness the Investiture of their New Baron and Baroness. It’s traditional in our Kingdom for other Baronies to gift the new Coronet with Largesse they can use during their tenure, as an act of camaraderie.

Why largesse? All landed folks (Kingdom Royals and landed Baronage) and lots of other people use gifts to individuals to show appreciation, welcome, and to set an example of our strong values of generosity and hospitality. Many (most?) of you have received tokens or gifts from our hands, or the King and Queen, or even members of the populace. Doesn’t it feel great to be appreciated?

If you can donate any largesse to add to the gift basket for the Hael, please contact the Baron and/or Baroness, either by email, phone, or social media (see below) before Dec 17th. The colors of the Barony of the Rhydderech Hael are green and gold, with black accents, and their mascot is a golden dragon (as in Ice Dragon… eh? eh?).

We will be similarly traveling to the Barony of Delftwood in February for the Investiture of *their* new Baronage. Their colors are blue and white/silver, and their totem is a windmill.

Thank you so much for whatever you might be able to provide!

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers,
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda
Phone numbers in the Dark Pages
Baroness Hilda is on Facebook and Discord

Not sure what sorts of things are good for largesse? Take a look at this great list, complied by Lady Tierrany:

A (totally not complete) idea list of possible largesse items:

Items made with fragrances must be bagged and labeled. No food items, please!

Paper goods: Handmade paper. Parchment and pergamenata sheets, Thank you/appreciation cards (illuminated or blank), Mini notebooks, Bookmarks, Card-weaving cards, How-to crafting books for period items

Metal, wire-weaving, and woodworking: Raw materials and things to work them (wire, metal ingots, stones, tools, etc.), Beads, Tokens, Coins, Bracelets, Rings, Pendants, Brooches (big or small, penannular, turtle, etc.), Pins – decorative or purposeful (a bit of cork placed on sharp ends), Veil pins (a bit of cork placed on sharp ends), Buttons (metal or wood), Mug jewelry (IDs), Weaving shuttles, naalbinding needles

Sewing/fiber arts: Yarn of all types and appropriate colors, Trim for mugs (IDs), Mug covers, napkins, Fibers and fabrics, Wool needle books, Pouches & small bags, Kumihimo disks, Naalbinding needles, Fan cases, Ribbon bookmarks, Cloth buttons, Pin cushions, Archery tassles for cleaning arrows, Mini sewing kits for adults (emergency needle/thread/pins, or a kit to make a special item such as a veil), Sewing kits for children (such as embroidery hoop with yarn/needle/cloth with pattern to make a cup cover), Dolls or stuffed animals (for children), Period gaming sets (for children)

Fighting/fencing/archery: Duct tape, Leather washers/grommets, Chicago screws, Leather strapping, Bees wax, Fletch tape, Fletching, Hot melt glue, Arrow tips, Nocks, Shafts. Ready-to-go arrows, Bracers, Quivers

Misc skills: Candles, Handmade beads (clay, glass, wood, etc.), Clay tokens, Wooden toys, games (for children), Wooden award medallions, Painted wooden boxes.

Feast kit items – mugs, plates, silverware, napkins