Post-12th Night announcements: Thank Yous and Lost & Found

Salve accolens! Our Baronial 12th Night has come and gone and I hope everyone had a lovely time. It couldn’t have happened without the assistance of dozens of awesome helpers. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this event both possible and awesome! In particular, thank you to Muirgheal for organizing the covid precautions and keeping things from going crazy at various points, to Maghnus for putting together the fan boxes, to Alaric and Arthes for running troll, everyone who got here early to help with setup or stayed late to help us clean up afterwards, Robert pour Maintenant for rescuing us from the missing doors, Elss for running the auction, Arianna and Ceindrech for advice and logistical help, Reinhard for doing our communications, Rachel and Ishiyama for running the A&S championship, William de Montegilt for running the Bardic championship, Courtney for running the largesse competition, the brewer’s guild for providing beverages, Hara for coordinating the royalty room, Mary for running the children’s activities, Comtesse Elena for merchanting, their excellencies for their work as masters of ceremonies, I  Genesii and the Debatable Choir for their performances, Niall for recording this court, their majesties, their highnesses, and their reign staff, all the entrants in the competitions, and everyone who came here today and made merry with us! Thank you all!

If there’s anyone I left out above, I apologize.

We also have a couple of lost and found items that were left at the site after folks departed. If you are missing a large glass drinking vessel or a braided bracelet, please email me: I have them. If you have rescued something from the site and don’t know whose it is, please email me: I may know who lost it. Thanks for helping everything get back where it needs to be!