Woodworking Guild discussion

I have some preliminary sketches for a medium-sized project the Woodworking Guild could perform as a service to (and funded by) the Barony. This would be a project to improve the appearance of the Debatable Lands camp at Pennsic.

I’d like to discuss these plans with as many of you in the guild as I can before I submit them to the Financial Committee. I need your feedback on my proposed design, and any suggestions you might have for improvement.

I also hope that I can persuade the Guild to participate in the manufacture of the project parts and the assembly of the project at Pennsic. Actual work on the project probably will not happen until Spring.

I’ll be bringing my preliminary plans to Investiture on Saturday, and I will be attending Practice with them on Sunday. If enough of you are available, we can have a Guild meeting at Practice from 1pm to 3pm.

from Ishiyama Shonagon