Salve Acolens from the new Seneschal!

Hi all,

I just took over as Seneschal for our Debatable Lands last month. Why? Yeah, I’ve been asked that, including by myself! Seriously, it’s because I love our barony. And it’s been clear since I joined the SCA 19 years ago that we run on service. If I want us to stay this awesome, it’s my turn. And it’s something I can do.

But I can’t do anything without all of you. Please, I want to hear from you, about what’s great and about what’s not great. Yes it’s a platitude, but we are what we make ourselves as a group. If you want to be more involved, but aren’t sure where to start, we can talk. There are so many many things happening and plenty of opportunities for service, community, and fun.

Here’s one area for participation that isn’t talked about much. Our business meetings happen every other month, on the first wednesday. The next one is this week, April 3rd. The details of the zoom room will be shared that day on Storfrettr, our web blog. Who can participate? Anyone. If you have new business to bring up please talk to me ahead of time. Who can vote? Usually everyone, although there are a few things, per policy, that will be specified as officer only votes.

I am also looking for deputy seneschals. If you are interested in helping keep things running, please talk to me.

So, in summary- please talk to me! And if it takes several times before I remember your name, I’m a bit face blind and bad with names- it really isn’t about you.

Salve Acolens! Hello neighbor!