Equestrian, Guild Hall, and Japanese Iris Festival on Saturday June 8th

This weekend will be the third Japanese Iris Festival. Once again we are holding the Debatable Lands Baronial Equestrian Championship in the horse arena at Bradys Run Park, 121 Brady’s Run Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.  We are also holding classes, demonstrations, workshops, make and take sessions throughout the day as part of Guild Hall in the adjoining field. See the map for locations of activities:

Event Cost (includes bento box lunch)
Adult Event Registration $30
Adult Member Discount Event Registration $20
Youth $5
Children under the age of 6 are free.
Cash or Check only. May check payable to SCA PA Inc. – BMDL

Event Schedule

Time Location Activity

9:00 AM – — Site Opens – Arena 11 Mounted Archery and Horseback Riding Open Sessions

10:00 AM – Arena 11 Mounted Archery Competition
        Guild Row Scribal Playtime

11:00 AM – Guild Row Japanese Sen-Zōgan (Wire Inlay) Demonstration and Class Begins
        Location 1 Brewer’s Guild Demonstration: Fermented Sodas

12:00 PM – Shelter 2 Lunch Pickup (included with your site fee!)

1:00 PM – Location 1 Brewer’s Guild Demonstration: Sekanjabin
        Arena 11 Baronial Equestrian Championships

2:00 PM – Guild Row Debatable Choir: SCA Round Singalong

4:00 PM – Arena 11 Jousting

5:00 PM – Field 14 Evening Court

7:00 PM – — Site Closes

Class Descriptions

10 AM: Guild Row: Scribal Tent – Scribal Playtime (Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope): Scrolls are one of the most common ways the Society recognizes achievements, but have you ever wondered how a scroll is made? Stop by the Scribal tent on Guild Row, where reference pictures and supplies will be provided to make your own scroll blank!

11:00 AM: Shelter 2 – Sen-Zōgan, Japanese Wire Inlay (Francis Bean OL): A hand-on make-and-take class. Students will delve into the ancient arts of Japanese wire inlay to create a small medallion pendant of silver inlaid into heat-blued steel.

11:00 AM: Location 1-Next to Shelter 2 – Brewer’s Guild Demonstration, Fermented Soda (Baroness Muiregheal Inghean Dubhghaill): Construct an auto-carbonating concoction with the power of science (bring your own bottle)!

1:00 PM: Location 1, Next to Shelter 2 – Brewer’s Guild Demonstration, Sekanjabin (Baron Alaric McConnell): Learn the art and science of crafting Sekanjabin, a non-alcoholic vinegar syrup traditionally flavored with honey and mint. Bring your own water-tight container to take a sample home!

2:00 PM: Guild Row – Debatable Choir: SCA Round Singalong (Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope): Sing along time with SCA-period rounds (some possibly bawdy). Songs will be provided: no music reading experience required!

Ongoing Demonstrations
(at Guild Row, Location 17, unless otherwise noted)

Aethelmearc Defense Academy (Field 13): Historic recreation of period fencing techniques. Possible classes, slow work sessions or round table discussions depending on participant interest.

Archer’s Guild (Skyguard): Meet with members of the Debatable Lands archer’s guild, and make an archer’s tassel to take home ($2 fee).

Apothecary Guild: Herbalism craft display and herbal sachet make-and-take.

Assassins Guild: Craft display and on-site live game (interested participants may inquire on Guild Row).

Brewers Guild (Next to Shelter 2, Location 1): Guild beverage testing (starting at lunch) and Sekanjabin and Fermented Soda classes (see class schedule).

Clothiers Guild: Period clothing display from various areas and eras of the Known World

Fiber Guild: Surizome dyeing, large frame embroidery, and Guild Member/Craft Meetup.

Moneyers Guild (Next to Shelter 2, Location 3): Coin Striking and Coin Project and Reference Book Display

Woodworker’s Guild: Wooden Token Make-and-Take and Woodworking Tool Petting Zoo.