Additional to the Policy Announcement

The SCA “Code of Conduct” is mentioned in the new policy and I have had a few questions about what that is. It’s in the Sanctions Guide, section I.C. –

“C. CODE OF CONDUCT It is expected that participants in the SCA shall treat each other with respect and civility and this extends beyond SCA gatherings. Participants expressing themselves in any forum on an issue related to the SCA shall likewise maintain civility and courtesy. When considering sanctions in response to behavior, the sanctioning authority shall consider the extent of the public comment as well as the gravity of injury done to an individual local branch, Kingdom or the SCA. Behavior that is disruptive to the peace and well-being of the SCA is subject to sanction from an expulsion to Revocation of Membership and Denial of Participation (R&D) especially where there is a continuing course of conduct.”

Odriana, Seneschal
Aude Aliquid Dignum

One thought on “Additional to the Policy Announcement”

  1. I think that the main point here is that the SCA has lacked an explicit anti-harassment policy for several years.
    Major conventions adopted these policies years ago and it has greatly diminished bad behavior, and made vulnerable attendees feel safer.
    I have not seen any tales of “abuse of the policy” anywhere.

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