Call for Baronial Retainers at 12th Night

Webminister’s Note: The following post is from Lady Rivka, Head Retainer for Their Excellencies.

Hello all!
Our Baronial Twelfth Night celebration fast approaches, and I’m once again coordinating retainers for Our Baroness Hilderun. As some of you may know, Baroness Hilda recently had knee surgery and her mobility is temporarily limited, so she is especially in need of retainers to help her throughout the day. If you’ve never retained before this is a great place to jump in! Baronial retaining is a wonderful way to get your feet wet in the world of Service.
I’ve set up a spreadsheet schedule on Google Sheets with timeslots and activities listed. Please sign up for a slot or two. Retaining at this event will mostly consist of sitting with Baroness Hilda and occasionally carrying something for her or bringing her a plate of food– very low key and easy. During the courts we will run a regular rotation, where retainers swap out every 3-4 pieces of business so that nobody has to stand for very long.
We’re also in need of a few strong people who are able to help set up the Baronial thrones and regalia in the morning and break them down in the evening.
Happy New Year and Joyous Twelfth Night,
Lady Rivka

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