Captain of Archers

To continue our series on barony officer positions, here is a fantastic look into the position of Captain of Archers from Lady Katherine Tanzel.

The Captain of Archers is an archery marshal in charge of holding and running archery practices for the open populace. In that role they provide storage, care, transportation and maintenance for the target equipment and the loaner equipment. The loaner equipment provides those new to archery with equipment to participate in practices.

Following each practice the Captain of Archers is then responsible for submitting royal round scores and awarding new ranks to the archers as they advance up to Bowman, where the Captain then reports any advancements of Master Bowman or above to the Archer General for recognition through the ranks to the current royalty for recognition of such achievement.

The position of Achery Captain is a very public one open and easy for people outside the SCA to join in the fun. It’s up to the Captain of Archers to see that they are able to access what’s available to them, be that loaner equipment for the day if it’s available, saftey instructions for the range or for the proper use of the equipment, or just the Barony website or Barony blog (Storfetter) so they can see more about the Barony.