A and S — Fingerloop – March 22

Tomorrow, Thursday March 22nd, is once again A&S time!

Welcome to Lady Cynewyn Æthelweardesdohter who will visit us to teach fingerloop braiding. You *need* to learn how to make your own dress lacings, pouch ties, neckline closings, package ties, medallion and necklace strings. This is an very easy way to up your garb game to another level.

Check out this fabulous site http://fingerloop.org/ — it is an online version of an excellent but out-of-print SCA publication!

NOTE: yes, the weather is bad today. If the weather is bad tomorrow, please be safe. If necessary, we can reschedule.

Standard disclaimers here:

Location: Victory Pointe Gaming Lounge (and ice-cream parlor), upstairs in the game room
Address: 1113 Carson Street on the South Side
Time: 7 PM. Come early if you wish, people start arriving about 6:45.

Upstairs is not handicap accessible, so if you need assistance or have questions, please call or text me at 724-759-3333.

Park safely — feed the meter to avoid tickets. Try across the street in the bank parking lot.

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See you there! Elss Augsburg