Pennsic Pre-Reg Ends June 16th!

Hello Debatable Lands!

Pre-Registration (paid) for the Great Pennsic War ends JUNE 16th!!

All are welcome to camp with the Barony, but PLEASE NOTE:

If you are planning to camp with the Debatable Lands (camp name: “Debatable Lands”), including our sub-camp, you MUST pre-register (paid) by June 16th! Note that unpaid pre-regs do not count for land allocation, so you must submit a paid registration to camp with us.

Our camp name is “Debatable Lands” for both the main camp and our sub-camp.

Here’s the link:

Also, if you register to camp with the main Debatable Lands camp, and we don’t know you, please do drop me a line (need to get your tent dimensions and add you to camp info dissemination):

In Levitate et Caritate,
~Baroness Hilda