Court Report of Their Excellencies for Iron Comet

Greetings from your Comet Pursuivant! Here is the court report of Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilderun for Iron Comet, held on June 23, AS 53.

Their Excellencies welcomed everyone and begged them to seek their comfort.
Her Excellency requested the presence of THL Guillaume le Noir and Master Janos Mezaros to be recognized for their display of courtesy throughout the day. Each received a token from Her Excellency.
Their Excellencies called the co-autocrats of today’s event, THL Jorundr hinn Rotin and Lady Nicola Beese, to recognize the hard-working members of their staff that helped make everything possible this day.

Their Excellencies invited those gentles who competed in every martial form to come forward and be recognized for their honorable feat. A record four gentles fit that category this year, including three youth participants in the youth categories. The overall winner for the youth division was Carl MacBranduibh, scroll by THL Rachel Daliceaux, and the overall winner for the adult division was Lord Robert MacEwin, scroll by Maighster Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies next invited Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope to approach them and be recognized as being Baroness Hilda’s inspiration of the day. Her efforts were many, including working with the youth fighters, MOLing the heavy weapons tournament on short notice, and working on scrolls. Her Excellency presented her with a token.

As there were numerous tournaments throughout the day, Their Excellencies were proud to announce the winners of said tournaments and new Baronial champions and seconds!

Their Excellencies thanked Treygor Greypanther and Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n’Iora for their service as Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion and second, and announced Lord Robert MacEwin as their new heavy weapons champion, with THL Guillaume as his second. Scroll by Mistress Arianna. Regalia was transferred.

Their Excellencies thanked THL Jorundr for his service as Baronial Fencing Champion, and announced Ru Cavorst as their new fencing champion, with Lady Cairrdha Eilis as his second. Scroll illuminated by Lady Rivka bat Daniyel, calligraphy by Lady Ceindrich verch Elidir. Regalia was transferred. Then more regalia was transferred.  Their Excellencies admitted there was a whole lotta regalia for Their fencing champion.
Their Excellencies thanked Lord Ronin O’ Conall  for his service as Baronial Archery Champion, and announced Lord Alister Sionnach MacLeod as their new archery champion, with Godfrey de Baueux as his second.  Scroll illuminated by Lady Rivka bat Daniyel, calligraphy by Lady Ceindrich verch Elidir. Regalia was transferred.
Their Excellencies thanked THL Senada Roku’i Kenshin no Kuma for his service as Barionial Thrown Weapons Champion, and announced Lord Thomas of the Debatable Lands as their new thrown weapons champion, with Lady Dorothea Stark Shultz as his second. Scroll by Lady Rivka. Regalia was transferred.
With no current champion to thank, Their Excellencies were proud to announce Fox of Clan Tarn of the Tuchux as their Baronial Youth Fighting Champion. Scroll by the Wynthrope apprentices. Regalia was transferred.
Their Excellencies thanked Carl mac Branduibh for his service as Baronial Youth Archery Champion, and announced Otto Brandulfrsson as their new youth archery champion. Scroll by Mistress Arianna. Regalia was transferred.
All new champions being named, Their Excellencies called Lord Robert Maintenon before them to recognize his devoted service to the barony, and awarded him a gold comet. Scroll illuminated by Crystal of the Debatable Lands, calligraphed by Kameshima-kyo Zentaro Umakai, and wordsmithed by THL Isabel Fleuritan.
Their Excellencies then sneakily called Lady Rivka bat Daniyel before them to extol the virtues of her illumination skills on scrolls for both barony and kingdom, and was awarded a silver comet. Scroll wording by His Excellency, calligraphy and illumination by Lady Nichola Beese.
Their Excellencies requested all scribes and wordsmiths who contributed to the scrolls that went out today to stand and be recognized.
An announcement for a special change in location and time for our martial practice was made.
There being no further business, the Court of Their Excellencies was thereby closed.
Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant.