12 Night update

Due to the untimly passing or and wake for an Aethelmearc citizen, Ruben MacUrsus, their Highnesses will not be attending 12th Night and send their regrets.


Retainers for their Highnesses will no longer be needed but there is still service to be done!  Our Baron and Barones of the Debatable Lands are still in need of retainers for the day, help at troll is still needed, and any help to the Auction of Highly Desirable Items would be appreciated.

Please contact Lord Owen or email Thistroper@gmail.com to retain for their Excellencies.

Contact Lord Ronan at ben.nemeth233@gmail.com about troll.

Contact Lady Arthes at Arthesofbmdl@gmail.com if you’re able to help with auction.


Tigerna A. Sionnach MacLeod