A&S Happenings

A&S Updates!

The next Fiber Guild meeting is tomorrow, March 12 at Songbird Artistry at 7pm with a focus on Fiber Arts Library! Please contact Mistress Luceta DiCosimo for further information.

The next Brewers Guild meeting is Wednesday, March 13 at Spoonwood Brewing Company at 7pm with a tour of the brewery! Please contact Lady Alysoun of the Debatable Lands to RSVP or for further information!

Ishiyama Shonagon is seeking input on interest in reviving the Woodworking Guild within the barony. The primary purposes of the guild would be to help interested parties learn more about woodworking, and to facilitate project-based service to the Barony. Please contact him directly at ishiyama @ ee0r.com (remove the spaces!) as he is not on facebook.

There is going to be an entire hall dedicated to A&S at Coronation on April 6th! There will also be dancing and music on both Friday and Saturday! More details about the A&S hall at https://aethelmearcgazette.com/2019/03/10/arts-sciences-at-coronation/ including information on reserving space.

Vivat to Lady Cael O’Conail for your Silver Comet!

Yours in service to the arts,