Guild Badges on Storfrettir

A while back, Kameshima created a series of badges for the use of each guild so that there would be a visual way to quickly identify who was posting. At the time, this was announced, but I don’t think that it was really explained why these things have value and how they can be used to better communicate your activities.

A screen capture of the Guild badges available in the media library on Storfrettir. From top right: Chiurgeons Guild, Brewers Guild, BMDL Consort, BMDL Choir, Armorers Guild, Sewing Guild, Scribal Guild, Fiber Arts Guild, Dance Guild I, Dance Guild II, Culinary (Food) Guild

Each badge uses a symbol that is immediately associated with the guild – crossed recorders, a helm, a cooking pot, etc. These badges are free for the use of anyone that is posting information or announcements about their guild. When you look at Storfrettir, it immediately forms a visual connection between the symbol and the subject matter you will find below that symbol

The use of visual language, we should all know well – we use heraldry to identify ourselves, our stuff, our households, our Kingdom, and our Barony. We use heraldry on our clothing and belongings to identify ourselves to others. Sometimes the only way to identify who a fighter is is because of the heraldry on the shield. Visual language is the easiest form of communication that we have in the SCA. By identifying your guild with the badge associated with it, makes it easier to know who is posting and get right to the content you want.

I hope that the various guild heads and those posting for the various guilds will choose to use this heraldry in the future.