Sunday Practices (or not), June 12

Knight Marshal Isenwulf:

There will be heavy practice this Sunday, weather permitting, at the Washington Boulevard site, beginning at 2 PM.  I will be unavailable so Robert will be running the practice.

Captain of Archers Katheryn:

Due to the events of this weekend, there will not be Archery Practice this Sunday. Enjoy your events. And for those Archers going to the Hornwood Inn, I want to see a lot of iron tassels at our next practice.

Thrown Weapons Marshal Kuma:

There will be thrown weapons practice Sunday, and we may have the whole fields to ourselves. There will be 2 challenge targets, Simon says and the hanging man. Come on out and throw.

Deputy Youth Marshal Arianna:

While Mistress Fredeburg is unavailable, I will be running Youth Fighting from 2-5 pm this Sunday at the Washington Blvd. site. Map here: There will be loaner gear and freezer pops!

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