On Sunday June 30 new Youth Champions were selected at Baronial Practice.

Otto Brandulfrsson had served as Youth Archery Champion for the past year. He had worked with the marshals to design a shoot to determine the next Youth Archery Champion. 4 Youths came forth to challenge for the title, and Nicholas William was proclaimed the new Youth Archery Champion.

Fox had served as the Baronial Youth Fighting Champion for the past year, and designed a tournament to determine his successor. This year youth from all 3 divisions entered the tournament. Bree of the Debatable Lands was proclaimed the victor of the tournament. Their Excellencies then asked Xavier to stand as Their Division 1Youth Champion, Bree to stand as Their Division 2 Youth Champion and Ethan to stand as Their Division 3 Champion.

Vivant for Our new Youth Champions, and Our thanks to Our outgoing champions!

Youth Archery Nicholas William

Division 1 Youth Fighting Xavier

Division 2 Youth Fighting Bree

Division 3 Youth Fighting Ethan

Brandubh et Hilderun