New Vindex Solis Named! (And the date for the next Sun and Moon Lists)

This past Sunday was a glorious day, with the outgoing Defender of the Sun, Master Jussi taking on all comers in the first round of a well-fought Bear Pit!

The points of the Bear Pit were so close, that we had a final round, best of five, with the finalists, THL Guillaume (our new Kight Marshal!) and THL Rhys. The combatants needed all five exciting and chivalrous rounds, but in the end, the Victor and new Defender of the Sun…

THL Rhys of Milesend!! Vivat!

And Vivat! To Jessica of the Debatable Lands (new name coming soon), who has attained training enough through the Stellar Tourneys to be a full fledged MOL!

Thank you, too, to Sir Koredono for marshaling, Lady Vika for MoLing, and Baron Brandubh for heralding!

The next Stellar Tourneys will be Sun (Heavy fighting) AND Moon (Rapier fighting) in concurrent lists on November 21st!