Cooking for Coronation!

Salve accolens!

Greetings, neighbors and friends in and out of our fair Barony,
Many hands make light work, and as the cook for the Coronation of TRH Byron and Ariella, I can assure you that anyone can help with preparing the tasty food which will be served on this wonderful occasion.

All are welcome to cook, no experience needed, and a fun time will be had by all, I assure you! On this Saturday, March 26th, our most kind friend, Lady Elsa Taliard (Laura Lindsay), has offered her kitchen at 135 Whitestown Rd., Lyndora, Pa 16045 and I hope to see many of you there. We will be starting at 1pm, and continuing until 5 or 6 pm. It will not be necessary to bring anything, but if you have favorite knives, or aprons, or music, or vegetables, by all means bring them along.

One word of caution….Whitestown Road is a busy and speedy road, with parking on one side and very hard to come by. I suggest driving past the house and parking in a small lot just up the road. This area is the entrance to a building further up the hill, so please park nose in and do not block the driveway.
There is no need to reply to this missive, but if you have questions please ask me at or call me at 724.759.3333. I am so looking forward to cooking and seeing all my kitchen friends again!

With many thanks in advance, I am in service to the dream,
Elss Augsburg