Baronial Court Report – Fight Practice April 2, 2022

Here begins the Court Report of Their Excellencies, Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, for the Special Practice on the 2nd of April, AS 56. Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant, reporting. Jehannette Bouchart seconded.

Their Excellencies offered sincerest of greetings to all present, thanked Their Majesties for making the day possible, and special 40th birthday wishes to Lord Reinhardt Regenbogen.

Their Excellencies invited Lady Forveleth Dunde to come forward. For her work being zoom deputy, scribe, weaver, deputy A&S minister, and current exchequer, she was awarded a Gold comet. Scroll by THL Shirin of Susa, wording by Master Alaric MacConnal.

Their Excellencies next invited THL Sumayya al Ghaziyya to join them. Though Sumayya lives beyond the borders of the Debatable Lands now, she still serves in ways that benefit our great Barony as Kingdom social media deputy, AElive staff, and zoomerator. For such, she was awarded a Cometus Amicus. Scroll by Lady Forveleth.

THL Robert Pour Maintenant was summoned next by Their Excellencies. His service as Knight Marshal being acknowledged as good and fine work, They wished to recognize his renewed focus on prowess on the field in armor, and was awarded an Iron Comet. Scroll by Scribal West and THL Nicola Beese.

Their Excellencies next asked Master William de Montegilt to join them. Long has he been a fighter of and for these Debatable Lands. Lonnnnnnnnng, indeed, which inspired Their Excellencies to award him a well deserved Iron Comet. Scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Lady Vika Vyborgskaia was next invited to join Their Excellencies. Her service as MoL, training newer MoLs, helping the Stellar Tournaments run smoothly, has greatly benefited the fighting community and pleased Their Excellencies, so she was awarded a Gold Comet. Scroll by Lady Tierrany Rose, wording by Master Alaric.

Their Excellencies then asked THL Boden the Lost to cut in front of the line and be recognized for his prowess within the Debatable Lands and as one of its noble fighters. Thus he was awarded an Iron Comet. Scroll on self-flattened sheep parchment by THL Nicola.

Her Excellency Hilda then asked for all of the staff who made this Practice run so smoothly to stand and be individually recognized: THLord Guillaume le Noir, Baroness Gabriel de Winter, Lady Forveleth Dunde, Lady Niamh O’Labhadha, Master Alaric MacConnal, Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile, THLord Boden the Lost, Master Jacob Martinson, Baroness Muirgheal inghen Dubhghaill, Lady Vika Vyborgskaia, and Lord Niall Mac Raedwulf.

The scribes who contributed wording and scrolls to the baronial awards that were given out this Practice were called to receive tokens of appreciation from Their Excellencies.

Their Excellencies gave final thanks to all who attended and enjoyed themselves. The Court of Their Excellencies was then closed.