Baronial Court Report Pennsic 49

The following is the report of the Court of Their Excellencies Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, held at Pennsic War XLIX on the 7th day of August anno societatis 57 by Lord Ronan Ó Conaill reporting herald seconded by Lord Reinhard Regenbogen, and with thanks to Lord Niall Mac Raedwulf for serving as ethereal herald and recording the proceedings.

The Baron and Baroness welcomed all to their court and reminded everyone of the events at war that were to follow: champions tryouts and tournaments, Vigils, Elevations, the Barony’s bridge battle fighting unit, and the Debatable Choir and I Genesii performances. They then bade the populace to seek their comfort.

Their Excellencies first called forward Master Antonio de Luna to conduct business before the court. Master Antonio then called forward Sayyid Matthias de Lupo Corsi and took him as his protege.

Lord Patrokles Athenaios was next requested in attendance to be recognized for his skill in the martial forms of heavy fighting, fencing, thrown weapons, and archery. For this he was awarded an Iron Comet. Scroll by THLady Sumayya al Ghaziyah.

Lord Godzimir the Golden was then bade to approach Their Excellencies so they may recognize his service to the archery community and his contribution to the arts with the founding of the Archers Guild. For this he was given a Silver Comet and a scroll by THLady Gesa von Wellenstein with words by Baron Alaric MacConnal.

Their Excellencies invited THLady Nicola Beese to attend them so they may thank her for her service in running the Gold Key and Scriptorium West and award her with a Gold Comet with a scroll by Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Lord Yakub al-Musafir was then called upon to be recognized for his prowess on the archery range and was awarded an Iron Comet. Scroll by Ihtizaz bint al-Gani.

Their Excellencies next had Lady Astridhr Thorolfsdottir brought forth so that they may show their appreciation for her service at troll, as a retainer, helping with setup and clean up at events, and her general good works behind the scenes. She was awarded a Gold Comet and scroll by THLady Gesa von Wellenstein with words by Baron Alaric MacConnal.

Sir Maghnus an Chnoc na n’Iora was then invited before Their Excellencies so they might speak on his deeds. Kindly old Sir Maghnus, venerable dead elder of the College of Cour d’Or, with decades of holding office for the good of the barony under his belt, and still remaining a steadfast and reliable fighter at our practices was then inducted into the Order of Copernicus, whereupon he made it known that he wished to take on the moniker of the “Weird Uncle of the Barony”. Scroll by Lady Rose O’Tierrany upon a text by Baron Alaric MacConnal.

Their Excellencies then invited the populace to join them on September 17th for the Baronial Social to be held at Hawkeye Park.

Their Excellencies called forward all scribes and wordsmiths who contributed to scrolls that went out during court to be recognized and receive a token from Her Excellency.

Finally Their Excellencies were attended by Master Emrys Eustace, Lady Arthes MacLeod, and Sayyid Matthias di Lupo Corsi who were thanked for all of their works in serving as Baronial Camp Reeve, providing the food for the post-court social, and helping maintain the Baronial camp respectively.

The court of Their Excellencies was then closed.

The court of Their Excellencies was later reopened so that they may call before them THLord Guillaume le Noir du Bordauex. They recognized his service as a heavy fighting marshal, assisting at events, and helping to create the Stellar Tourney and so awarded him a Gold Comet with a scroll by THLady Gesa von Wellenstein and words by Baron Alaric MacConnal.

There being no further business, the court of Their Excellencies was then closed once more.

Submitted by Lord Ronan Ó Conaill.