Iris Festival Classes – June 10


The Iris Festival is in just over two weeks!

We have a terrific lineup of classes for you. Here are the details about them:

Minister of the Lists Training (Baroness Vika Viborgskaya) – We need you! Fighting can not happen without an MOL at an event. Join Her Excellency to learn how you can help grow our numbers, learn how to check fighters in and learn tournament formats. She will also be reviewing the running of tournaments so if you feel a bit rusty come get a polishing. 1hr

Introduction to Taiko (Mistress Stuirrim and The Honorable Lady Elaine Fairchilde) – Beginning Japanese drum technique. Limit: 10 students per session. 30min, 3 sessions

Domestication of a Wild Horse (The Honorable Lady Gesa von Wellenstein) – Her Ladyship Gesa talks through the process of turning a wild horse into a faithful riding companion. 30 min

Mukashi Mukashi (Lord Turlough Feolain) – A small collection of tales from folk traditions of Japan. These are traditional tales, some involving minor gory details and themes of suspense that may not be suitable for more sensitive audidences. 1 hr

Kumihimo on the Marudai (Ishiyama Shonagon) – Learn the basics of Japanese “kumihimo” braiding on the “marudai” round stand. We will go over basics of setup, and several different 8 and 16 strand braids. Younger attendees may need extra assistance. 90 min

Resist-Dyed Furoshiki Make and Take (The Honorable Lady Oribe Tsukime) – Learn how to do the type of stitched resist dyeing called bōshi shibori, and put your new skill to use dyeing a Japanese carrying cloth. If you’re wearing clothes you’re not willing to risk, Her Ladyship will put it in the dye for you. Limit: 15. Materials Cost: $5. 2 hrs

Developing a Japanese Persona (Tatsukawa Gentarou Chisato) – A discussion and aid course on the multitude of persona ideas, available in medieval Japan, for both men and women. 1 hr

Kute-uchi hand-loop braiding basics (Ishiyama Shonagon) – Learn the basics of Japanese hand-help loop-manipulation “kute-uchi” braiding. This period braiding technique uses no equipment. Loops of cord are passed from hand to hand, forming braids. Three basic five-loop braids will be covered. Younger attendees may need extra assistance. 1 hr

Tea and Tanka (The Honorable Lady Oribe Tsukime and Tatsukawa Gentarou Chisato) – An informal hangout: enjoy matcha as we read and write poetry. Materials Cost: $1 for tea (no cost for tanka!). 1 hr

We are so excited for all these topics. See you soon!