Iris Festival: ONE WEEK!

Greetings, Noble Populace!

The 2nd Iris Festival and Debatable Lands EQ Champs is only ONE WEEK away!

We have tentatively added a DEMO by The Honorable Lord Wilhelm Smydele von Soelinge on metalwork brooches. Look in the site booklet for the revised schedule.

A REMINDER that you must reserve a bento box ahead of time if you want to pick up lunch; there will be very limited quantities for those who do not register. Here are some details about that to tempt you:

Bento boxes will be filled with a wide variety of pickled and sauced fresh vegetables, and will include chicken and an egg. For vegans, THL Elss will substitute tofu; for gluten-free diners, everything will have substitutions that eliminate wheat. For any other restrictions or dietary concerns, please contact Her Ladyship directly ( Any non-standard requests must be made before Friday, June 9.
Your box will include napkins, but no silverware as you will get chopsticks when you troll in. Extra soy sauce and wasabi paste will be available.
Beverages will be cold water and hot matcha green tea. Limited servings of hot black tea will also be available. Be sure to bring your drinking vessel. This is a glass-free site.

See you soon!

Ever in Service,

Gwendolyn the Graceful
for the Event Staff