Officers Change Overs

Greetings Noble Populace,

We have had a Business Meeting with Officers Change overs; Please take a moment to recognize the work of Vika and Nichola who have stepped down from the MOL and Keeper of the Gold Key positions! They have served us faithfully and deserve some rest! Cant wait to see what they get into next!!!

Thank you to Skjoldr who is taking up the position of MOL and will be working to keep us staffed for tournaments and other fun and games as He and the Other Officers can devise!

Thank you to Fine and Turlough who have agreed to take over holding and arranging for Gold Key to our newest members! You’re outstanding!

Thank you to Silence for her willingness to take a second term as Chronicler! Look for the Q4 Althing to come out soon! <3 Its not to late to send her content!

Thank you to Ceindrich who has served as my deputy for the past four years and who has been elected as the Baronial Seneschal! I know you will do great things!

In Service,
Muirgheal, Retired Seneschal Debatable.