BMDL Court report for Pennsic 46

Greetings from your Comet Pursuivant!

Here begins the report of the court of Brandubh et Hildarun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, at Pennsic 46, occurring on Monday, August 7, AS LII. Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant, reporting.

Their Excellencies called forth Master Eustice called ‘Broom’ in acknowledgement of his service as BMDL camp coordinator, and so that he may recognize the help of others that were making camping with the BMDL a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Their Excellencies wished to recognize the seven archers of the BMDL that made it onto the Champions team of 20 to compete for the Archery War Point.

Their Excellencies encouraged all to try their hand at the thrown weapons range to try out for the Thrown Weapons Champions team, occurring Thursday.

All those who participated in the Pennsic Half Marathon were invited to be recognized for their effort and training in taking on this challenging feat.

Their Excellencies called before them Fox, current AEthelmearch youth fighting champion, commended him for his martial prowess, and invited him to represent the BMDL as their Youth Champion, for the Known World Youth Champions tourney.

Their Excellencies called into their presence Master William de Montegilt, but his presence was alas elsewhere.

They then called to see Cheng Tai Ren, but he too, at the time, was unseen.

When Their Excellencies called Elsa Taliard before them, they were most pleased when she presented herself so that she could be recognized for working at events and contributing to gift baskets, though not being a resident of the BMDL. She was therefore presented with a comettus amicus (nee Green Comet). Scroll by Alysoun of the Debatable Lands.

Their Excellencies called both Renata Rouge and Antonio de Luna to their presence. When it was learned that Antonio would not be available, THL Renata agreed to accept both accolades to be given, namely that both Renata and Antonio have been most helpful in helping with Pennsic set-up, general camp maintenance, and willingness to assist with camp tear-down, and therefore each was gladly awarded a comettus amicus. Both scrolls by: Alaric Macconnel, illumination; Rachel Daliceaux, calligraphy.

Zianna Beguy Urdina de Sabaleta was brought before Their Excellencies and praised for her work at troll, cooking marvelous subtlties, and was presented a gold comet for her dedicated service. Scroll by: Dorothea Stark Shultz, illumnation; Rachel Daliceaux, calligraphy.

Their Excellencies requested Dorothea Stark Shultz come from behind their thrones to in front of them, so they could extol her efforts as a retainer and help with court set-up. She was given a gold comet for such service, scroll by: Rivka bat Daniyel, illumination; Ceindrich verch Elidir, calligraphy.

Their Excellencies, feeling that they were on a roll, then called for Alysoun of the Debatable Lands. Twice. She wasn’t there.

Spirits were lifted, though, when Ceindrich verch Elidir came before Their Excellencies to receive a silver comet for her scribal works, her lovely voice as a member of the Debatable Choir, and really cool socks. Scroll by: Calligraphy and illumination by Rachel Daliceaux, words and sung to the tune of Mairi’s Wedding by Baroness Gwendolen the Graceful.

Their Excellencies called forth Lucetta di Cosimo, acknowledged her great service with regards to the fiber guild, I Genisii, and creating unique archery targets, and presented her with a gold comet. Scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Their Excellencies called Katheryn Tantzel to their presence, and awarded her a silver comet for her beautiful scribal work (especially with burning wood) and her theatrical work with I Genisii. Scroll by Baroness Alex di Campignella.

Their Excellencies then called Kattera Doplerin to be recognized with her work as a retainer, cook, and help with the BMDL Pennsic meal plan, and was thusly awarded a gold comet. Scroll by: Rivka bat Daniyel, illumination; Ceindrich verch Elidir, calligraphy.

Elenora Pexatore was summoned, and gladly she approached, so that Their Excellencies could boast about her good service in opening Victory Point for Pennsic A&S classes, and her assistance with the BMDL Pennsic meal plan. She was awarded a gold comet in recognition, scroll by: Nikola Beese, illumination; Gwendolyn the Graceful, wording; Ceindrich verch Elidir, calligraphy.

Their Excellencies then called Jorundr hinn Rotinn to come from behind their thrones and be met with the recognition of his fencing skills, his duties as a fencing marshal, and prowess as BMDL fencing champion; thus they awarded him an iron comet, scroll by Nikola Beese, her first attempt at an entire scroll.

Their Excellencies then called forth the Order of Copernicus, and noting that the Order only grows by one each year, sought to recognize one who exemplified what the Order represents. Meestress Odriana vander Brugghe was brought before Their Excellencies and praised for her years of service to the BMDL, which have included, but not being limited to, multiple baronial offices held, autocrat, head cook, scribe, and opening her house for numerous purposes to share, teach, and inspire those who wish to learn and grow. Scroll by Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies asked all scribes and wordsmiths to come forward to be presented with a token of appreciation in memory of Countess Aidan.

There being no further actionable business, after thoroughly looking across the populace, the Court of Their Excellencies was suspended….

….and minutes later Alysoun of the Debatable Lands returned from her travels, prompting a reopening of the Court of Their Excellencies, which they did gladly, to recognize Alysoun for her beautiful singing voice and directing skills with the Debatable Choir, along with her impressive scribal skills, and so awarded her a silver comet. Scroll by Antoinette de la Croix. Thus re-suspended the Court of Their Excellences…

…until Master William de Montigilt entered the area, and thus re-reopened the Court of Their Excellencies. Master William was praised for his bardic skill and contributions, and was presented with the scroll for his silver comet, which had been read into the official record at BMDL 12th night, AS 51. And there being no further missing citizens of interest, alas, the Court of Their Excellencies was suspended, again….

….and upon the return of Cheng Tai Ren, our faithful Comet Pursuivant set down his plate of yummy food and, with a joyous sense of duty, re-re-(counts on fingers to check)-RE-opened the Court of Their Excellencies, made sure that Cheng didn’t get away, and called him before Their Excellencies, which to be honest, he already was. Their Excellencies praised him for his prowess with heavy weapons, in the lists and on the melee field. For such deeds he was presented with an iron comet, which was read into the record at War Practice, AS LII. The scroll is a work in progress: illumination by Rivka bat Daniyel, English poem by Gwendolyn the Graceful, translated to Chinese by Shaloma Smith.

Conferring with Their Excellencies, just to make sure, the Court of Their Excellenceis of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands for Pennsic 46 was….

Their Excellencies heartily encouraged all to attend the concert of the Debatable Choir, to occur at 7pm that evening in the A&S Performance Pavillion.

….officially closed.

Submitted by Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant