An Update on the Scrolls for Ansteorra Project

From the Kingdom Signet, Mistress Antoinette:

Good evening Aethelmearc! Just an update on the Ansteorra scroll project. I have been in communication with the King and Signet of Ansteorra today. They do NOT use scroll blanks, they have a different tradition than Aethelmearc- they use a preprint Charter system and therefore have no use for our blank scrolls. However, what would be helpful is this – a fund is being set up with John Neal Bookseller so that anyone can make a donation, via a gift certificate and it will be sent to the Signet in Ansteorra to purchase supplies and materials to repair, recreate scrolls and to replace damaged scribal supplies. I am in the process of making final arrangements with John Neal and will let everyone know when they can go to that site and donate.
Thank you! Our Kingdom’s generosity is overwhelming. The next time you see THL Peggy Máirghréad Wilcox- give her a hug, she got this ball rolling!