Fencing Practice 10/14

Regular fencing practice will continue this week, starting at 1 at Washington Blvd.

We will have practice next week as well.

This week will be starting, or resuming it depends on your point of reference, a BMDL practice monthly tournament. Rules to be determined by number of fencers present. Since this is a practice tournament authorizations are not required. If you lack an authorization and would like to get on contact me and I will work with you to complete it.

Loaner gear is available for both fencing and Cut and Thrust for those interested.


Youth Practice, Oct 14th

Hi everyone!!! There will be practice on Sunday, Oct 14th starting at 2pm. Mistress Airanna will be MIC for me because my grandson is getting baptized.

The following weekend is Agincourt, we have a lot of great things planned for youth fighters and hope to see everyone there. There will not be youth fighting practice at Washington Blvd that Sunday.

See everyone at Agincourt!!


Brewers Guild – October Meeting Tonight!

Greetings brewers and friends!

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be having our monthly Brewers Guild meeting at my house TONIGHT (10/10) to brew our *gluten-reduced* porter for the Harvest Revel next month.

7 is the official meeting time, but the brewing will be starting closer to 5, in case you want to come early. (Grain takes time, especially on a weeknight.)

Bring something you’d like to share and discuss with the group – your own brew or not.  I also brought back a little something from Japan for everyone to sample (spoiler alert: we may have toured some sake breweries).

Hope to see you there! (182 Temona Drive, 15236)


AE A and S Champions Address Change

Note that the address for this weekend’s A&S Champion event has changed to:
Stoneboro Vol Fire Co “76 House”
38 Linden Street,
Stoneboro, PA, 16153

The directions seem to still go to the old site at this time.


The autocrat is THL Rue (Jen Sadler), her email is firewaterpro@gmail.com.

Thrown Weapons Practice

Konichiwa Debatable Lands!! We are going to try for Thrown Weapons Practice tomorrow from 11-2pm, Weather and ground conditions permitting. I am going down a bit early tomorrow morning to check out the grounds for safety. If there is a change in plans, I will post it on here.

YIS, Kumagaya-roku-e Kentarou Masamoto

A and S – Crayon Bundles for Kids – Oct 7

Weather permitting, but the forecast looks favorable!

This week we will make simple no-sew crayon rolls for children or the otherwise artfully inclined for the Baron and Baroness to gift to the Royalty. I will bring all the materials needed.

Date: Sunday, October 7th
Time: 1 PM.
Location: Washington Boulevard martial practice site
Address: Allegheny River Blvd and Washington Blvd.
Directions: http://www.debatablelands.org/martial/fight_directions.php

NOTE: Even though the parking lot is full of huge white trailers, there is still quite a lot of space to park. There is also a parking lot up Washington Blvd where the cyclists park, and a path down to our site.

Standard disclaimers here:
We are accessible to our less mobile friends, have free parking, and are a pet-friendly site. Yay!

Bring everything you need for your comfort including a chair, a beverage or snack, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, cabana boy, musical instruments, *wellies*, etc., etc., etc. Also, the site has a porta-john and no running water so make appropriate preparation.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call or text me at 724-759-3333.

Thank you for asking! These meetings are free and there is no materials charge, as we are generously supported by the Barony and the teachers themselves.