Sunday Practices, June 5th

Knight Marshal Isenwulf writes:

Come on out this Sunday for Baronial heavy fight practice. Hone your skills, learn new skills, and be ready for Pennsic! We start at 2:00pm at the Washington Boulevard site.

Fencing Marshal Jorundr writes:

There will be fencing practice this Sunday at Washington Blvd. starting at 1:00pm.

Dance Master Pavel writes:

There will be dance practice at the Washington Blvd practice site tomorrow. Come join in and have some fun.

Practice will start immediately after archery practice, around 2:00pm.

All dances will be taught and called. No experience necessary, if you can walk you can dance.

Captain of Archers Katheryn Täntzel writes:

Looks like the weather is going to clear up for Archery practice. Thunderstorms look to clear up just in time for 11am practice. Weather permitting archery practice is on for this morning. Hope to see you all there. Highland park 11am-2pm.

Vivant to our new Chatelaine and Mistress of the Lists


At last night’s Officer’s meeting Elizabeth Parker was selected to be our new Chatelaine and Baroness Anna Eisenkopf was chosen as our new Baronial Mistress of the Lists. Vivant!

We would like to thank the outgoing Chatelaine, Lady Edana the Red, and the outgoing Mistress of the Lists, Baroness Elizabeth Arrowsmith, for their service in those positions. Your work was, and is, very much appreciated. Thank you.

Odriana, Seneschal

June Scriptorium: Project Night / Small Group Workshops

Scriptorium is the monthly gathering of calligraphers, illuminators, wordsmiths, and anyone interested in taking up and learning more about these creative arts. We welcome all skill levels, from the most accomplished Laurels to those that have never picked up a pen or a brush. Become part of creating the atmosphere and visual splendor of the SCA!

This month, join us on Wednesday, June 15th, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Kameshima and Isabel’s house in the North Hills. (Our address is listed in the Dark Pages, or you can contact us at scriptorium at debatablelands dot org for more information.) Our topic for June will be Open Project and Small Group Workshop Night.

Bring your current assignment, or something that you’re currently learning, practicing or tinkering with. Lots of table space will be made available. Be careful if the recipient is a local scribe, though; we love looking over each other’s shoulders, and we wouldn’t want the surprise to be ruined! 🙂

Alternately, do you have something you’ve been curious about trying? Chances are someone in the local scribal community has already tried it! Send your requests to Kameshima at scriptorium at debatablelands dot org and we will do our best to try to arrange someone to work with you in a small-group scenario for some or all of the evening. Or if you don’t want to plan that far ahead, just show up and ask! We are a friendly bunch that love to share our knowledge and experience.

Please be aware, our house contains a cat, a dog, and an infant: medicate or otherwise prepare yourself as necessary.

Officer’s Meeting this Wednesday

​Odriana, our Seneschal​ writes:

Wednesday, 1 June 2016, is our bi-monthly Officer’s Meeting. We will start at 8:00 p.m. and the meeting room is Porter Hall A18B. I have attached the minutes from the previous meeting for your review.

If you have it already put together, please send me your report for the meeting so that we have complete records for the meeting minutes.

Also, I have no agenda items beyond Officer’s reports at this time. If you have agenda items, please send those to me by Tuesday, 31 May 2014.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Heraldic Consulting

Elsbeth Anne Roth writes:

If you are interested in becoming a herald, or have a question about your own name, device, or badge, there will be an open Heraldry meeting at my house on Memorial day, starting at 10am. There will be some brunch-style food available for anyone attending.

We may still need to finish some War practice submissions. For anyone who helps with that (which includes coloring), I will pay for one item of submission.

For those who cannot make it, we will be commenting on the current internal letter of submission ( on Google Hangouts starting around 11 am.

Sunday Practices, May 28th

Captain of Archers Katheryn Täntzel writes:

Sunday! Archery practice shall be up and running 11am to 2pm at the usual site at Highland Park. Join us for the usual targets, along with 2 additional targets who dare to tempt our baronial archers. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Knight Marshal Isenwulf writes:

This Sunday… Baronial heavy weapons practice… 2 PM… training, learning, swing some sticks… and melee! Washington Boulevard site. Be there!

Fencing Marshal Jorundr writes:

There will be fencing practice this Sunday starting at 1 PM.
Loaner gear will be available.

Deputy Youth Marshal Arianna writes:

Greetings youth fighters and parents!
While Mistress Fredeburg is out of town, I will be running Youth Fighting from 2-5 pm this Sunday at the Washington Blvd. site. Map here:
There will be loaner gear and freezer pops!

Royal Food and Feasting

Lady Zianna writes that she is offering weekly get-togethers at her home to participate in an online course on the history of royal food and feasting that is being offered by the University of Reading.

Good Gentles-

This course was presented in the Aethelmearc Cooks Guild Facebook page. It looks to be very interesting and informative. I have since registered for the class and the pre class discussion has been inviting from people around the world.

If there is an interest – I would be willing to host a weekly gathering – or maybe a recipe exchange – to go over the weekly material and discuss the topics. I have a large screen tv that we can watch it on as well as a pretty large kitchen if we wanted to try a recipe or task from the class.

I can be reached at ladyzianna (at) gmail (dot) com.

Lady Zianna

Fencing Practice Tomorrow


Fencing practice tomorrow will begin at 1 PM. There will be a brief intermission for the Barony Meeting at 1:30. Immediately after the Barony Meeting will be the Baronial Fencing Championship, which is open to all authorized fencers in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, the Canton of Steltonwald and the College of Cour d’Or. We will resume our regular practice after that is concluded.

There will be no practice next weekend during War Practice, we will resume our regular schedule the following Sunday May 29.

In Service,

Reminder: Scriptorium this Wednesday, May 18th

Reminder! This Wednesday, May 18th, starting at 6:30pm in the Pake Room of the Carnegie Mellon University Center, Mistress Antoinette de la Croix will be teaching this month’s Scriptorium, “Gilded Note Cards.”

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at gilding with real gold leaf but have been intimidated by the prospect? Then come to this Gilding workshop, where you will learn to use a variety of binding mediums and how to apply gold leaf. All participants will gild a notecard that they may keep for themselves or donate to Their Majesties.. There is a $3.00 fee for materials.

Questions may be sent to mistressantoinettedelacroix at gmail dot com