Meeting Minutes – Officer’s Meeting on 7 June 2017

These are the meeting minutes from the June Officer’s meeting.

There are a couple of things I wished to point out from that meeting:
1. It was suggested at the meeting that we change the name of those meetings to “Business Meeting” going forward. We will be doing so starting with the August meeting.

2. There was a change in policy proposed and that will be officially posted some time this evening.

Debatable Lands Meeting Minutes_20170710

Fencing Practice


There are only 3 more fencing practices left before Pennsic. So join us at our normal site, the Washington Blvd Parklet, at 1 PM loaner gear for both fencing and ut n thrust available.

As a reminder, to fence at Pennsic you need to have your primary authorization completed before you arrive on site.


Fencing Practice This Sunday


This Sunday fencing practice will be starting at 12 PM instead of the usual 1 PM.

We will be having Cut n Thrust this week with multiple marshals so authorizations are possible, there is limited loaner gear available, so if you ever wanted to try Cut n Thrust come on out.

We will also be doing some demonstrations and teaching on cutting techniques with sharp blades, for those interested in learning more about that aspect.

If we get enough attendance this week we will also be running a tournament simulating combat starting suddenly. Both fencers will start with their swords sheathed at their hips and will draw at lay on.

Also as a reminder all fencers wishing to participate in fencing at Pennsic must have their Primary Authorization completed before arriving at War.


Sunday Archery

There will be archery this Sunday. 11am – 2pm at Highland Park. Loaner equipment will be available first come first served. Weather always pending. Hope to see you Sunday.


-Your Captain of Archers, Lady Katheryn Täntzel.

Court report from Champions’ Sunday

Greetings from your Comet Pursuivant,

I apologize for the prolonged delay in publishing this. Here is the court report from Sunday, May 28, 2017:

Here begins the report of the court of Brandubh et Hildarun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, at the Baronial Heavy Weapons and Fencing Champions Tournaments, Sunday, May 28, AS 52, Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant, reporting.

Their Excellencies wished to thank everyone who participated in today’s tournaments to determine who shall be BMDL Champion for Fencing and Heavy Weapons.
Their Excellencies called before them Drotinn Jorundr hinn rotinn and Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill before them. Jorundr was the winner and named champion, with Robert being named his second. Jorundr shall compete at the Seven Pearls Tournament in September representing the Barony. Prize scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope. Thanks were given to Lady Cairdha Eilis O’Coileain as outgoing champion.
Their Excellencies gave leave for Master Kieran MacRae as outgoing heavy weapons champion to call forth Traygor Greypanther of the Tuchux, winner and named new heavy weapons champion. Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n’Iora was named second. Congratulations were given to Wulfgar Ronaldson of Sunderoak for coming in second. Prize scroll by Arianna.
Multitudes of well-deserved thanks followed for helping the tournaments go smoothly and the day more enjoyable:
-For MOL Staff Baroness Anna Eisenkopf, Lady Edena the Red, and Lady Alyssa von Stahlgeist.
-For the marshals: Lord Magnus Bastiano de Vigo for Fencing, and Count Isenwulf Thorolfssone and Master Jussi Laplein for heavy
-For Lady Zianna beguy urdina de Zabaleta for providing yummy refreshments!
-For Mistress Arianna and her combat scribe skills making scrolls come out of thin air.
Congratulations were given to Master William de Montegilt, on this the day of his 42nd anniversary of being authorized to fight on the field of heavy combat.
Their Excellencies reminded all to preregister for Pennsic, and that preregistering is a must in order to camp with the Barony. Online prereg ends Saturday, June 17, 2017.
There being no further business, this court of Their Excellencies was closed.
In service,
Kieran MacRae

Debatable Lands at Pennsic!

Hello Debatable Lands!

Pennsic is fast approaching. Have you pre-registered yet? Online paid registrations end Saturday, June 17th. If you are camping with the Debatable Lands (“Debatable Lands” in the registration drop-down), you MUST pre-register, paid. Lots of other camps have this requirement, too. Have you pre-regged yet? Go ahead… I’ll wait.

Make sure to keep Monday of War Week open. We’re having our annual Pennsic Baronial Reception and Court, starting at 4pm, Aug 7th, in AEthelmearc Royal. The potluck worked out so well last year, we’re doing it again! Coordinator is Lady Zianna. Tell us what you’re bringing here. There’s also a Facebook event for the Baronial Reception, for those who do Facebook. Here it is. Court will be near the beginning this year (we need Comet recommendations! Email us! and Can’t wait to see everyone!

This year, the Barony is sponsoring a Helga Ball Tourney to benefit Paladin’s Pantry. Saturday, Aug 5th, 12:30pm on the field. Trust me, it’s awesome. Read more here. Make team (ladies only), or come and watch!

Camping with the Debatable Lands? Great! Did you pre-reg? Good! Did you contact our Camp Reeve, Master Emrys (Broom)? Please do. He needs your tent and arrival info. Email him at iambroom (at) gmail (dot) com. PLUS, we have a meal plan this year! It’s optional. More info coming, but let us know if you’re interested. Dinners all week! Every dietary restriction accommodated!

Can’t wait to see everyone!

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers,
Baroness Hilda and Baron Brandubh